Security Officer (R&D) at Qnective AG

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Jean Monnerat
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I am leading cryptography and security efforts at Qnective AG as part of the R&D departement since October 2012. Previously, I worked 5 years as PKI architect and software engineer for the certificate service provider SwissSign AG. Before my job at SwissSign, I was a researcher in cryptography in the group of Mihir Bellare at University of California San Diego and I was funded by a grant of the Swiss National Science Foundation. Before joining UCSD, I was a research and teaching assistant in the Security and Cryptography Laboratory at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. During my PhD studies, I co-designed with my supervisor Serge Vaudenay a new undeniable signature scheme called "MOVA" that offers very short signatures. I also hold a master degree in mathematics from ETHZ in Zurich, Switzerland.


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PhD Thesis
  1. Jean Monnerat, Short Undeniable Signatures: Design, Analysis, and Applications EPFL Thesis N° 3691, 2006. [PDF]